Letter of Candidacy

Last year, my husband and I were discussing different opportunities our family had that would move us outside of this great state. We decided to stay as we knew we could do our part to make New Mexico a better place to live. Despite not knowing where to begin, a few months later, I realized the best way to effect change would be by serving the people of this state by running for State Senate.

I, like many of you, have friends or family members who have left this state in search of better jobs. I want to make New Mexico a place were people want to bring their businesses. I believe if we create an environment where businesses aren’t weighed down by government regulations, New Mexico’s economy will start to boom.

Being a mother to 3 young children, my oldest starts Kindergarten this coming year, education is extremely important to me. I believe we need to get away from a federal program and let the districts decide what best serves the children in their district. Each school and district has different sets of problems, and I think a more individualized type program would benefit the kids in our communities. What may work for kids living in Albuquerque may not work for those living in Farmington.